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Informative and Effective Codes on Wine Lables in Spain

code on spanish wine labelA few months ago, we shared a crazy idea with you to use the QRcode on winery labels so as to provide more information to the consumer. Two of Catavino Marketing’s clients are now using this technology; and today, we want to refer you to the very first, as far as we know, Spanish winery jumping onboard. Cingles Blaus, a winery located in the Montsant region of Spain, has with the cooperation of Somosene.es, developed a wine label where the code takes precedence. The label, with “The gateway to more wine culture” printed on the side of the bottle, is a stylish version of a data matrix code in black and red. It is proudly displayed on the side of two of the winery’s wines: Octubre 2007 and Mas de les Moreres 2006. I love these labels, and the idea of making the code so prominent; however, I am disappointed that the URL redirect in the code goes to a non-mobile ready site. Granted, it’s a small issue, but one that is important if people are to really embrace this technology.

Continuing our rant about our dream to have all wines use these codes, the number one question people have asked us is, “How many wineries are using them?” As of now, our answer is 3, though please prove us wrong and send examples of others. The second follow-up question is, “will it take awhile to reach a critical mass”. Our response is twofold. First, yes it may take time for wineries to adopt this technology, but that is no reason not to implement it. It’s free, and anyone can create a code and use it. Currently, more and more people are downloading the software to their phones to scan a wide range of products which are adopting the code. Second, it will happen – either in this form or another. Look at what happened in Japan, a country that tends to be ahead of the technological curve, where cell phones ship standard with a code reader already on them. Everywhere you go in Japan, as I understand it, people are scanning codes for more information. Check out the videos at the end of this page: http://www.i-nigma.com/personal/japan.asp.

Ok, so enough of the code, how is the wine? Well to tell you the truth I was waiting for a gimick wine to go with the labels, but was happy to find something worth drinking. Big bold modern wines, that show bright fresh acidity to create a wonderful balance! Rich fruit and nice minerals without heavy wood influence. Tonight they’ll be paired up with a few grilled burgers alongside grilled asparagus, red pepper and blue cheese – a pairing I doubt will fail.

As wineries begin to realize the need to listen to the their customers, they will look for easy tools, such as QR codes, to begin the dialoge. I applaud Cingles Blaus and encourage you to both look for these tasty wines and to download code reading software to your mobile phone just in case you come across one in your next wine shopping adventure!


Ryan Opaz

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