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Lenn Thompson

Interview with Pancho Campo

Before the II International Conference on Climate and Wine begins tomorrow, we were fortunate enough to steal a few moments away with Pancho Campo, the founder of this conference and the pioneer behind research on the impact of climate change in the wine industry. Pancho also happens to be the president and founder of The Wine Academy of Spain, an official instructor for the WSET, and an Official Sherry Educator (one of our favorite of his titles!). And as if you aren’t feeling lazy enough sitting on your chair sipping on a glass of Tempranillo, Pancho is also the founder of the Barcelona Wine Festival and Madwine. Whew! I haven’t even gotten into his professional tennis career and stint as a medical student, but I’ll leave that for him.

What Pancho is, is a man of action, of innovation, of vision, and beyond all else, of purpose. When a seed has been planted in his mind as a goal to be obtained, regardless of how far fetched it may be to a layman, he’ll achieve it. And part of the reason why I think he is so successful in his efforts, is his charisma, which you will see shortly in our interview.

What we hope you’ll take away from this interview is not only Pancho’s reasoning behind the conference, but his succinct and clear message that action must be taken now if we want to continue enjoying the wines we love today, tomorrow. Enjoy the interview!

PS: Slight sync problem with sound, but that’s what you get for a late night edit and no sleep!