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Last Day of Catavino’s Stay in D.O. Montsant

breakfast montsantSitting under a 100+ year old pine tree at Mas Figueres Hotel, drinking fresh squeezed orange juice, while nibbling on jamon iberico, lomo, fuet, triangular sliced of manchego cheese, fruit plucked from orchards located not 50 meters away, and a small freshly baked apple pastry – life couldn’t be better. Where we’re located in Montsant, in the south end of the small croissant shaped wine region, is surrounded by forests of pine trees, limestone rock faces, and of course, miles upon miles of vines.

Today will conclude the last day of our Montsant stay, having spent 3 days visiting approximately 10 wineries, tasted well over 60+ wines, met with over a dozen winemakers, and have enjoyed a beautiful, albeit curvy, drive through this absolutely breathtaking region.

In the coming weeks, we’ll do out best to give you a full report on all the wineries we’ve visited, the wines we’ve tasted, our general impression on the “style” of Monstant, foods of the region, places to stay and tourists spots to pay attention to.

What we can tell you for sure is that Montsant is NOT Priorat‘s little brother and should get the respect and attention it so rightfully deserves for not only crafting some amazing wines, but for a region full of spectacular nature that should be appreciated and enjoyed.

Sorry for the teaser, but do stay tuned in the coming weeks for more photos, videos and articles!


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

Catavino in Siurana from ryan and gabriella opaz on Vimeo.

I get Gabriella to go out on a ledge literally in the small town of Siurana!

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  • Bill

    What a beautiful spot! Having only tried one or two reds from Montsant, I will be interested in your more in-depth report.


  • Good for you it was before lunch so you could stand still and walk straight! 🙂
    (glad I wasn’t on that cliff)

  • Until we get the chance to visit for ourselves (we buy from Albert Jane at acústic, and import three of his wines into Ireland), I’ll sit back and wait to enjoy your report. I’m so glad you didn’t fall.

    • That makes two of us! If you couldn’t tell from my nervous laugh, I was terrified 🙂 However, it was worth the risk and the land is absolutely breathtaking and worthy of a visit!

  • There’s a charming small hotel in Siurana (10 bedrooms?) but I forget the name.

    • There is! It’s called Hotel Siurana, and we’ll be chatting more about it soon.

  • Thanks for the recommendations, Gabriella and WP. If I should ever go, I’ll be keeping in by the wall!