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People of Porto! Join us for a Massive Picnic at Parque da Cidade THIS SUNDAY

Picnic in the ParkPeople of Porto! Come join us THIS Sunday (April 13th) for a MASSIVE picnic at Parque da Cidade!

If you enjoyed dancing with us in “We are Happy: Porto”, or you just enjoyed watching, make sure to join us for a second round to highlight another fantastic aspect of Porto! Everyone can come! Everyone should come and share the good vibes at the lake closest to the ocean in Parque da Cidade!!

There’s only one requirement: we ask you to bring the following for this special picnic.

  • Picnic blanket
  • Bottle of wine or beverage
  • Delicious food to share
  • Funny hats and bright/colorful clothing (it’s festive and spring after all )
  • Toys – instruments, kites, whatever makes you happy!


LOCATION: We ask that if you can please bike or walk to the park with enthusiasm and meet us at the yellow circle! :) We’ll  be the large crowd of people smiling! The goal is to get images of people walking and biking to the park to share a day together!

Upon your arrival, share your enthusiasm by dancing, running or twirling your way over to our hangout spot! And keep that energy going! Our only goal is to show the world how much fun Porto can be!TIME: 13:00

Share this with all your friends and family! It’s time to show the world how fantastic our city park and tripeiros can be!