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May’s Virtual Wine Tasting: Albariño

First, allow me to extend an enormous thanks to everyone who participated in our first Virtual Wine Tasting. To our great surprise, we had an incredible start to our new series with people such as Dr. Debs, John, Andrew, Vinvenio, Sonadora and Bill Bennet contributing not only some fun impressions of their wines, but also some interesting perspectives as to how their knowledge of rosé has grown and evolved. I think the majority of us have passed off rosé as a fun style of wine but nothing to actually do a bit of research into. Committing an entire month to a style has, or so I hope, offered us a bit of insight as to how expansive a style can be. Additionally, we had the opportunity to take our stereotypes and preconceived notions as to what we thought rosé was, and through our shared tasting notes, we discovered how versatile it actually is. A wonderful example of this is by taking quick peek at how we described the various rosé s we tried:

After reviewing this list, I find myself wondering how helpful this was and whether people will continue their investigation into other Spanish or Portuguese rosés. Personally, I don’t even feel as if I’ve scratched the surface as to what rosé is all about, sort of like licking a Gobstopper. As a kid, the size of a Gobstopper, seems enormous, too big to actually get to the center of, but this never stops you from trying. No, you put this enormous ball in your mouth, sucking away in complete and utter determination to finish it despite the fact that you can’t feel your jaw nor are able to distinguish one flavor from another after the first ten minutes. As each layer dissolves into the next, you gain a second wind, determined to get to the center. On a good day, you finish, but on several occasions, you find yourself storing it in your favorite box wrapped in a kleenex for a later opportunity. This is how I felt about the rosé wine tasting this month. I figured that after a month of tasting only rosés, I would have a firm grasp of the topic; but this wasn’t the case. I felt a bit cheated, hoping to have walked away from this experienced having gotten to the center of what Iberian rosés were all about, but instead, feeling as if I knew less than I did before. Maybe that’s the point – the more you learn about a topic, the more questions you have, making you feel more ignorant than when you started.

I can guarantee you this, that I am absolutely hooked on Cava Rosés and feel as if I need to do my homework on more Portuguese rosés!

And now, comes May! We are kicking off May’s Virtual Wine Tasting with the native Galician grape, Albariño, one of my absolute favorite grapes; but I would like to do something a bit different. I want to request that we begin this process by sharing some of our preconceived notions as to what this grape is all about. Before you even leave our website, I ask that you head straight over to our forum and let us know if you’ve tried Albariño, what you know about the varietal, and what you think you might experience or want to experience during this next month? Along the way, we will do our best to give you some bits of trivia to deepen your understanding of the grape, along with some cultural tidbits to boot.

Finally, I have not forgotten about my reading assignment. These past two weeks have been filled with work related chaos, not wine related-unfortunately, and old friends for whom I not only haven’t seen for over two years, but who have brought their beautiful two year old daughter to stay with us. Hence, please have some patience and know that my intentions are pure and I will get something out asap.

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