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Great and credible information with a fresh approach about Portuguese and Spanish wine and food. Not to mention, fantastic info about new trends as well as age-old traditions from the vibrant Iberian peninsula.
Bento Amaral

New Blog!

Actually just a new look. Stay tuned, we should be up and running in the next day. So check back often or if you subscribe to us with an rss reader don’t worry we’ll only be down for a day or so and then you can find us at the same location:

See you all soon!

Ryan and Gabriella

  • Christopher Brown

    Dear Ryan and Gabriella: I very much enjoyed your website and podcast. Your graphics are very good and your interests are similar to mine. I am plannng a trip to Spain this year, probably early Fall or late summer, to visit some producers. I am particularly interested in Albarino, Biezo, Priorat, etc. Would very much like to visit with you and discuss your new venture. Best regards, Chris

  • Probably one of the hardest things anyone can do is try and learn something new. Congrats to anyone who tries.