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New FAQ Section on Catavino: Participate and You Could Win a Prize!!

The Douro, PortugalHave you ever read an article about sherry wine and said to yourself, “I’d really wish someone would tell me what the definition of “criadera” is in Spanish and how that word relates to the solera system”? Maybe you recently enjoyed a lovely mixed green salad drizzled with an herbaceous olive oil from Portugal made from the Cobrançosa olive, and would like to know what Portuguese whites might pair well with it? Having helped your mom clean out her basement, you stumbled across a vintage port dating back to 1922 and clueless to whether it’s even consumible! Maybe you heard about the Ant Throwing Festival in Galicia, where Galicians celebrate the 1000 year old tradition of chucking wet piles of dirt at each other filled with intensely pissed off ants, and are just dying to know the story behind this rather odd celebration.

Having received hundreds of questions like these over the years from people interested in learning more about Spanish and Portuguese food, wine and culture, but unsure where to ask such a question on our website, Catavino has created the FAQ (Facts and Questions) section. Our goal is to encourage you to ask any question about Iberian culture, while allowing us to do the research.

How great is that! Ask a question, and we do all the legwork!

Simply click on “FAQ’s” located in the navigator bar at the top of the page, choose a subcategory, and ask a question. Remember: the main category is reserved for questions about Catavino and are generated by us; however the subcategories are designed for you to participate in the conversation by asking a question. If you would  like to ask a question about Catavino, simply shoot an email from our contact page.

How do you Win a Prize?

We are offering an 11?x11? print on Torchon Fine Art paper of the Douro Valley to anyone who submits a question to our FAQ page by February 1st, 2009. One name will be drawn at random from a hat, and a print will be sent off to your home. Please include an email at the bottom of your question where we can get a hold of you. Emails will not be seen by other readers, as all questions must be monitored and approved by Catavino before they are published on the website. Therefore, your email provided with your question will be erased before publication.

We look foward to researching all your questions!!


Gabriella Opaz

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