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New Portuguese Wine in the USA

Quinta Herdade de malhadinha

It has been our trend at Catavino to share with you a new fabulous wine that we’ve stumbled across only to find that it is either sparsely distributed as a result of low production or is not being exported at all. Consequently, we get pretty bummed out about this. Whenever we run across something we love, like giving someone an unexpected gift, we reap the benefits of seeing someone share in a wonderful experience. Well, guess what? Allow us to present you with your unexpected gift today, Quinta Herdade de Malhadinha, now available on your side of the big pond. Last year, when Ryan took a trip to the Alentejo region, he came home extremely excited about this winery, giving accolades for it producing wines of great character. If you’re interested in tasting this wine, go to the Importer’s website, Quintessential Wines, to see if it’s available in your area.

There’s one other quick thing we want to point out that fits nicely with this announcement. August is Portuguese Table Wine Month here at Catavino. At the end of July, we’ll be packing up our computer, cameras and audio recorder for a four day trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Sadly, we won’t be visiting any vineyards (we don’t think), but we will be meeting a new friend and tasting a lot of wine. And being that Portuguese wines are a little difficult to come by here in Spain, we’ll do our utmost best to haul back as much wine as we can, contingent on the newest regulations for air travel of course. We’re both very excited to go, being our first trip back to Portugal together since our honeymoon in January of 2003, and are intent to steal away for at least one romantic dinner in the heart of the city!

Finally, we hope some of you are still searching out new sherries to try. Tomorrow, we’ll be doing another rooftop tasting with a twist. I won’t tell you now, but let’s just say the video will be a little different from you’ve experienced from us in the past. Our theme will be Sherry, and we intend to line up a series of great Tapas that should make them come alive. we hope that you will enjoy what we’ve put together and look forward to hearing what sherries you’ve been discovering in your area!



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