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News around the web

This week it was Wine Blog Wednesday! And as we always try to do, we joined in and had a fun time looking for some wines that took care of BBQ foods! Our choices were Portuguese and French wine. Ironically, Fork and Bottle they filled in our empty Spanish hole by covering a Spanish wine. 2001 Valsacro Dioro “Selección J & D” Rioja was their selection – a wine that sadly is only available in the US. Come to think of it, I believe that this is the first time I’ve ever said that! Anyways, they seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly and I recommend reading their write up.

Lately we’ve been talking about the new EU wine reforms that are being debated this year. Steve at the excellent Spanish wine blog, Tempranillo, has a quick rundown of the <a href=”“>Spanish perspective on the situation. It generally sounds as if Spain is behind the plan, because God knows we need to find a way to get rid of some of this Airen grape!

Last, but never least, I need to talk again about Sherry. It is the beverage of my soul for which we’ve mentioned to you many times at Catavino. But today, I bring you another perspective on the sacred beverage and it’s history. Evidently, Beau of Basic Juice has been commissioned by The Scotch Blog to do an article on Sherry. Since the casks from sherry often end up aging the worlds greatest malt beverages, it seemed as if it was an appropriate theme to chat about. Part one of his investigation into Sherry wine has been posted at The Scotch Blog and at Basic Juice. Make sure to check it out and stay tuned for Part Two!

That’s the latest from around the web. If you have a story on Spanish or Portuguese wine, please let us know at: comments (at) catavino (period) net

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