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News? Spanish Wine News? Portuguese Wine News? – Yeah we got it!

Approximately 3 years ago, Catavino decided to exclusively publish content with meat; content that was both educational and thought-provoking. The consequence being that we have generally overlooked the lighter topics and thoughts that piqued our interest. Pity really, as there is a considerable amount of quality content that we’ve wanted to effectively integrate into but haven’t known how. To compensate, we tried to publish articles called “Links from Around the Web”, but the content didn’t really warrant commentary.

Combine this with the Press Release. About 90% of the PR’s we receive are completely worthless. “Our X wine just received 92pts from _insert wine critic name_!” This form of the PR can die a thousand small deaths in the fiery land of the dark netherworlds. That said, about 10% actually contain interesting info that should really be shared.

Hence, we’ve finally found a solution. Enter Posterous. Posterous is a great tool for several reasons, but most especially as a result of its convenience. Put another way, it makes it easy for us to publish (or republish) content we find online, photos we take, and other things we want to share but that requires a bit more space than a twitter update can provide.

Therefore, today, we are excited to announce News.Catavino.Net – our quick Iberian information site! To receive the most recent updates, you can either read them here at Catavino – look in the top navigation under “news” – or you can just pay attention to our Twitter or Facebook streams!

Everything we post on our “news” site will have either text, or an image, that will direct you to the main story when clicked upon. Mind you, the information won’t always be in English, as we are a multi-lingual group and want to support content in all languages.

If you have something to share, please let us know. We are happy to post quality information that is of use for wine and food lovers.


Ryan and Gabriella Opaz