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Old Wine Media – Poo Pooing New Wine Tools?


Decanter published this story last month about the relatively new wine website Snooth. “A new online wine service hopes to become the world’s busiest cyber wine recommendations site by cashing in on the Facebook phenomenon”, is how the article began. Great start, and personally, I was excited to see them mentioned on Decanter. “Way to go Snooth!” I thought to myself, until I read this line, “Although tasting notes on these applications include, ‘this was beautiful, as usual’ for a bottle 1998 Lafite Rotschild, or just a blank entry with 5/5 for a bottle of 2000 Chateau Smith Haut Lafite, the hosts of these new sites are in little doubt of the value of being on Facebook.” Fair enough, but wouldn’t a balanced review also mention the fact that there are great reviews and detailed analysis also?

Snooth you see is a site…Well, I’ll let them explain it. This is taken from their about page:

What is Snooth?

Snooth is a revolutionary web-based social shopping experience that is simplifying how people select, interact with and purchase their favorite wines.

Snooth is the world’s most comprehensive wine database, featuring millions of reviews and hundreds of thousands of wines. It offers both casual and aspiring wine drinkers personalized wine recommendations, ratings & reviews, as well as a wine information search tool that seamlessly connects users to the websites of top online merchants and wineries worldwide.

Snooth launched in June 2007.

Last month, I had Phillip and the gang at Snooth import my tasting notes into their DB(over 500), wanting to see not only what they looked like, but also to help build out the Spanish and Portuguese wine review sections. Since then, I admit to not having used the site much, mainly due to a backlog of work keeping me distracted from it. But I will say that if Decanter had taken the time to look up a few Spanish wines, they may have run across many more interesting and helpful reviews, or at least longer!

Last week, after talking in a bit more detail about the site with Philip, I gained a new level of respect for this young company. Although it may be awhile before I jump back into Snooth full steam, we did ponder ways for bloggers to get more involved by further building out their content. Some of our ideas can be found in this online discussion. After working with other companies like Wine-Searcher and Wine Zap, I honestly feel that Snooth has found a way to both incorporate and improve on their predecessor’s models. Cleaner layout, and what appears to be a more open attitude to outside ideas, strike me as a phenomenal start. Check out this blog post by Phillip on ideas for what Snooth might do for bloggers, and make sure to add your ideas to the list.

You may start seeing us link to Snooth more often when recommending wines, and hopefully, we will begin to see some better integration between Snooth and the blog-o-sphere.


Ryan Opaz

Explainer: I now have my notes on 4 sites. Cellartracker, Adegga, Snooth, and Winelog. Why? Well, number one I want all of these sites to have better Spanish/Portuguese content. Two, I want to support sites who are really trying to change the wine world, but encouraging participation. Finally I probably will settle on one or two sites in the near future. Snooth is more about finding a place to buy wine, and therefore I can only upload notes. Other sites will help me keep track of the wines in my cellar too. These will be better for my everyday use, I believe.

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