Open that Bottle Night | Catavino
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Lenn Thompson

Open that Bottle Night

If you haven’t participated in this event in the past, or if you don’t have a clue as to what it’s about, check out Dr.Vino’s short history on the event here. In short, it’s the time of the year when you find a bottle that you’ve been waiting to open, reserving it for that “ever so special occasion” that never comes. Now is your chance. The theory is simple, there is no other occasion that is more important, more enticing or more rewarding than the occasion of the bottle itself. For this particular night, nothing should trump the wine but your desire to taste, smell and enjoy every aspect your prized possession. We have our bottle picked out, and we hope all of you can find one for yourselves. When you have either rifled through your cellar and found that dusty Spanish bottle of wine, or the Port wine that shoved under your shoes in the bottom of your closet given to you as a Christmas gift eight years ago, send your story to: [email protected] This event is a fun thing to do and a great reason to explore your cellar.