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Osbourne – El Puerto de Santa María


Address: C/ Los Moros s/n – 1500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)
Telephone:+34 956 869000
Fax:+34 956 869080
Hectares of Vines: 210 hectares
Wine maker: Ignacio Lozano
Total Production Liters: 2.500.000 L
Grape Varieties Grown: Palomino, Chardonnay
Wines Produced:Fino Quinta, Coquinero, 10 RF, Bailen, Santa María Cream, Pedro Ximenez 1827, Manzanilla, Rare Sherries (Solera India, Oloroso Solera BC200, Amontillado AOS, Palo Cortado P^P, Pedro Ximenez)
Exporters in the UK and USA: WJ Deutsch (USA), Hayman Barwell & Jones (UK)

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One of the oldest and most prestigious sherry producers in Spain, was founded by an Englishman, Thomas Osborne Mann. Bodegas Osborne is located in El Puerto de Santa María, in the province of Cádiz, in the heart of the wine growing region known as the “Sherry Triangle”, formed by the towns of Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. A particular subzone of this famed area is known as “Jerez Superior,” so named for the esteemed “albarizas” found there, the white chalky soil ideal for growing sherry vines. In thisconcentrated area known for the best plots, skilled winegrowers and winemakers oversee the entire sherry-making process, from cultivation of the vines to the processing, classification, ageing, and bottling, creating sherry wines of the highest quality as it has for centuries.The most renowned fortified wine in the world, sherry it is produced using the unique “solera”system. The solera system enables sherry winemakers to blend the wines of many harvests,guaranteeing that the essential characteristics of the wine are maintained from year to year.

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