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Our New Forum, English, Spanish, Portuguese – Check it out

Catavino Forums

Today, we launch our new forum! In a world filled with forums, many of which have failed, we’ve chosen to look back in history, making improvements where need be. We’ve chosen a very simple style of forum, user-friendly and practical, keeping many of the same themes that were popular in the past, such as our monthly Virtual Tastings.

New Features Include:

  • More detailed User-Profile Pages Includes a feed from Flickr, fun facts about your life, and soon, your location on a map.
  • User Map If you go to the Tab labeled “map”, you’ll find a Google map of Spain. Please feel free to add places and comments to the map as you find them. We’ll also try to make sure that every article that is geo-specific will also be on the map. This is a great feature that allows us to explore Spain together.
  • Languages Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, German and English. This doesn’t mean that we translate the content, but your user-interface can be chosen by you. We also have space in the forum categories for both Spanish and English discussions. When Catavino.es comes online in the next month, we’ll be welcoming a whole new group of readers, giving you a great opportunity to learn Spanish by reading both the English and Spanish sides of the forum.
  • Advertising Opportunities Do you have something you’d like to promote? If so, contact us because they’re are opportunities for everyone at a very reasonable cost. Send us an email at ads{at}Catavino-dot-net.

There are many more ways to enjoy the forum, and it is our hope you’ll do a little detective work to find out how. The old forum’s archives will be left as they are but only linked to in the footer of the new forum.

To celebrate, let’s start this right and announce July’s Virtual Tasting. Due to the recent heat a wave that is being felt worldwide, and our desire to appease both red and white fans, we’ve choosen sherry to follow up our successful tasting of Bierzo! So click on this story: Sherry 101 then head out to your favorite wine shop and see what you find. Then head over to our new forum and start participating. We can’t wait to hear what you find, and what questions you might come up with.

If you have any other questions, please let us know, and in the meantime, let’s go out and invite all our friends to Catavino!


Ryan Opaz

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  • Hey i am new on this board i hope i can help and contribute here because i have learned a great deal myself.

    Thank you

    dj remix