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This is an indispensable tool for those who want to follow, in English, what really goes on in the world of Spanish and Portuguese wines – lively, informative and, most important, first-hand, on-the-scene knowledge!
Victor de la Serna

Participate in a Wine Tasting


Today is my very first day as a full-time member of Catavino! How exciting! After two and a half years of teaching English to investment and private bankers, CEO’s of international corporations, web designers, writers, airline attendants, sales reps for firewall software, along with college, high school, grammar school and kindergarten children. In short, I have covered the complete gamut of teaching possibilities all while moonlighting as a part-time Catavino employee, but this era has finally come to a close. Today, I begin a new chapter in our lives, while celebrating with a bang to the sound of firecrackers and gun shots all around us. Strangely appropriate, don’t you think?!

Equally exciting news are two wine tastings that you can participate in if you’re not already, one of which is occuring right now. As many of you are aware of, Catavino hosts a monthly Virtual Wine Tasting that allows people to participate through our forum based on a theme. This month’s theme is on DO Bierzo. Being that this is our 3rd virtual tasting, we are very pleased to say that we’ve had 11 wines sampled, always welcoming more new contributions!

The second wine tasting is Wine Blog Wednesday #35 on Spanish Wines, hosted by My Wine Education. To participate, you are required to taste at least one bottle of Spanish wine under 10 dollars, sending your comments to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, July11th. So get out there and taste several bottles of cheap Spanish wine for us, because living in Spain, I fear there is very little for us to choose from!

If you are aware of other wine tastings on Spanish wine that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us and let us know.