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This is an indispensable tool for those who want to follow, in English, what really goes on in the world of Spanish and Portuguese wines – lively, informative and, most important, first-hand, on-the-scene knowledge!
Victor de la Serna

Penin’s Spanish Wine Guide has been Released


Just wanted to give everyone the update that Penin’s Wine Guide has just be released in the US. We, personally, have been using the Spanish version of this guide since our arrival to Spain, where it is considered one of the principle guides of spanish wine, and have felt it is an invaluable resource. We don’t know whether or not the translation is completely up to par – and being that very few things are translated into any other international language in Spain, especially grammatically correct English, we sincerely doubt it – but we can promise that we will do our level-headed best to check it out and give you the full update after we’ve done our research.

Penin Guide to Spanish Wines Debuts in the U.S.

Prestigious Wine Guide Enters New International Expansion Phase

MADRID, Spain and NEW YORK, May 2 /PRNewswire/ -. Leading Spanish wine journalist Jose Penin is pleased to announce a new international expansion phase for Grupo Penin, with the U.S. launch of the Penin Guide to Spanish Wine 2007, which aims to become the world reference on the Spanish wine industry, providing critical information and reviews on over 7,500 Spanish wines.

The Penin Guide to Spanish Wine is published by Grupo Penin’s Penin Communications, an established marketing, branding and PR company, specialized in wine and gastronomy. The group is chaired by Mr. Jose Penin and managed by Ms. Mercedes Cubillo. Through the Penin Guide to Spanish Wine the company has hundreds of business contacts worldwide, and is establishing a global consultancy and business-to-business information exchange centered on trends and opportunities in the Spanish wine industry.

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