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Please Support Life on the Douro: A Documentary about Wine and Culture

It is a rare occasion that we ask our readers for their support, but today, we are going to ask you kindly to lend a hand. You might remember our friend and documentary videographer, Zev Robinson. We’ve followed him for years, and he is not only a friend, but also an amazing storyteller. Currently, he is finishing up his next film, “Life on the Douro”, which is scheduled for release this September.  It’s been a year long effort crafting this epic documentary with his own sweat, tears, time, and most importantly, money. Consequently, this is why we come to you today. (Photo credit: Ryan Opaz)

Up and until this point, Zev has done almost all his work self-funded, and while we appreciate his go-getting spirit, it’s no a way to make a living.  Zev’s goal is to raise 6k, which will go to post-production costs and help to make sure the film is shown in theatres in USA, UK and elsewhere. Any money above his targeted amount will defray the costs of setting up screenings and disseminating the film.

So if are you are wine drinker who has enjoyed Port wine, or are now just discovering all the wonderful table wines coming from the Douro, this is your chance to help tell a story from the land from which those very same wines derived. Take a moment and consider what it means to preserve those stories from families dating back 300+ years. 15$, 40$, 100$? It’s not much to ask when you’re supporting such a meaningful and relavent initiative. Not to mention, Zev is offering some killer rewards for those of you who help out. From a print of one of Zev’s paintings (he’s also an amazing artist), to a personal recognition in the credits, or for those of you with really deep pockets, an executive producer credit! Here’s your chance!

For those of you who are saying, “I don’t even know Zev, nor do I give a hoot about Douro wines”, remember, you do know us. Therefore, we kindly ask all of you to please help Zev, if only for our sake. For only 5$ you can start helping, but at $15, you can own the DVD, while supporting Portuguese wine culture as a whole. For $40 you get a ticket to a screening! The awards get bigger as your generosity increases. Mind you, you’re not only bolstering a great project, but independent filmmakers as a whole. Not a bad way to end the day!

For more information on the film, please watch the trailer and read the summary below, taken from Zev’s site. Or if you were simply want to kick a few bucks in the can, than head over to the “Life on the Douro” donation page to show your generosity. We thank you for it, and we know your money won’t be wasted!


Gabriella Opaz

Life on the Douro is a documentary connecting 300 years of history with the current situation in Porto and the Douro and the recent rejuvenation of the region. Many of the interviewees talk about their family history going back two and three centuries as if they had lived it themselves, in great detail, intimacy and warmth, and often with a great sense of humour as well.

I’ve been lucky to have such fantastic material to work with – the personal stories, the history of the region, and the breath-taking terraces and scenery – all which has lent itself to my concerns of creating a strong story structure and powerful imagery.

The story of wine in general is widely unknown, and if more people would be aware that it is much, much more than just a beverage, I believe there would be much greater interest in it. This is especially true for Portugal, a country that historically has had a wide-spread influence across the globe but is a relatively unknown quantity today. Whereas Port and Douro wines are considered excellent amongst experts, they don’t have the same wide-spread reputation as those of other countries.


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