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Podcast #10 – Thoughts on Art and Wine

This week I made a trip for the first time to the Reina Sofía Museum here in Madrid. It was one of those, “I’ve been here for a year and a half and now I”m leaving without having seen (Insert cultural/historical monument here)” trips. You know how it is, you never see what is in your own back yard until your friends visit! Well anyways when I was there I had a few thoughts go through my mind as I walked around. Basically how wine and art are treated much in the same way. Later in the a day I stopped by a quiet spot in Madrid’s Retiro Park and recorded my thoughts. Short and sweet and it’s a bit off the usual format, and a bit repetitive, but I thought there were some good points made. I’ll be back soon with a new interview and more wine tastings soon. Hang in there, it’s a bit crazy with our move to Barcelona just around the corner!

Till soon, Ryan Opaz