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Podcast #19 – WBW 28 Sparklers! hosted by the Culinary Fool

two cavas

In this Podcast, we review two Cavas for Wine Blog Wednesday #28 hosted by the Culinary Fool. The theme for this week is Sparklers, which includes anything not produced in French appellation of Champagne – an easy task when living in the fabulous Spanish region of the Penedes. Additionally, we were to categorize our Sparkler of choice as to whether it fit into one of three categories:

  • Party Sparklers – Bargain sparklers that if you needed several bottles for a party wouldn’t break your budget but you wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve
  • Special Sparklers – those bottles that might be a bit higher cost but for a little splurge you think they are worth the price
  • Duds – you tried a bottle, thought it held promise but when it comes down to it you wouldn’t buy it again.

We chose two wines from Giro Ribot, a Bodega located south of Barcelona and just north of Tarragonna in DO Penedes.

Here are some important links based on the show:

For more information as to where you can find these wines outside of Spain, feel free to contact the importer here: Pasternak Wine Imports.