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Podcast #22 – Parker Points and Random Thoughts

Ok a quick return to podcasting. Too many thoughts all at once, so out it comes in a verbal stream. Monologues for the masses, or at least the Iberian wine masses!


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Update #1 – Found this article over at the Wine’s from Spain Website. Appears they don’t have a good grasp on what just happened in the latest Wine Advocate. I quote:

The famous wines expert and critic, and editor of The Wine Advocate magazine, has awarded the maximum 100 points to five Spanish wines. Parker, a self-confessed admirer of Spanish wines, has marked a great variety of wines from all of Spain’s wine-growing regions.

The five wines that have received the maximum award were: Aalto Ps 2004 from Aalto Bodegas y Viñedos, Viña el Pisón 2004 from Bodegas y Viñedos Artadi, Clos Erasmus 2004 from Clos Erasmus, Termanthia 2004 from Bodegas Numanthia Termes and Pingus 2004 from Bodegas Pingus.

Parker awarded 99 points to Clos Erasmus 2003 from Clos Erasmus and El Nido 2004 from Bodegas El Nido. With 98 points, coming in just behind were Viña El Pisón 2005 from Bodegas y Viñedos Artadi, Félix Callejo 2003 Family Reserve from Bodegas Félix Callejo, Nebro 2004 from Finca Villacreces, Pesus 2003 from Bodegas Hermanos Sastre, Doix Costers de Vinyes Velles 2004 from Celler Mas Doix, Nit de Nin 2004 from Bodegas Nit de Nin, Numanthia 2004 from Bodegas Numanthia Termes, PX Viejo Vors from Bodegas Osborne and L’Ermita 2004 from Bodegas Álvaro Palacios…

Robert Parker has not rated these wines as such. Jay Miller has rated the wines as such and this is a very important detail. No one(that I know) has had time to calibrate their personal palate to the palate of Jay Miller. Personally while I like to see Spanish wines score highly, I really don’t anything about him and his relation to Spanish wine.

The Article should have stated that Jay Miller, in Robert Parkers publication The Wine Advocate, awarded 5 wines 100pts.