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Podcast #24 – What is Fondillon?

Salvador Poveda Pouring wine from 1944
What is Fondillon? Fondillon is a lost Spanish wine from Alicante and a great drink before or after dinner. Listen to today’s show and learn about Fondillon, its history, how it is made and the mysteries surrounding it. Unfortuantely, if you want to taste Fondillon, I’m afraid you might need to come to Spain. I haven’t seen examples available outside of the country; however, if you know where you can by it, please let us know!

0:00 – Intro
3:13 – My Talk with Emilio of Wine Meeting Point about Fondillon’s History
14:00 – Interview with Raphael Poveda and tasting 1944 and 1950 Fondillon’s


Ryan Opaz

PS – Since taping this, I have tried the 1980 Fondillon made by Poveda. Though not as complex as the 1944, it was nonetheless very tasty. Gabriella thought it was like a tawny port with a bit more acidity, while I still leaned toward a fuller Amontillado sherry. This wine is available in Spain and I highly suggest picking up a bottle if you have the chance.