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Podcast #25 – Spanish Wine Bodega, Olivares

Elena Selva and Ryan Opaz

When I was down in the Alicante a while back I had a chance to visit a winery who makes a wine I love very much. This region is not known for it’s rain but the day we arrived it was raining like no other. Anyways, I did get the chance to record my tour fo the winery as I chatted with the daughter of owner Paco Selva, Elena Selva. Basically a short walk through of the winery and toward the end we chat a bit about the weather and their philosophy on oak influence in the wine.

In the states one of their more populare wines is Panarroz, though the wine that I love is the Monastrell Dulce. Search for any of their Spanish wines here.

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz

  • Bill B.

    I agree that the 2005 Panarroz is a fine every-day wine that goes well with a variety of foods. I have recommended it to friends.