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Podcast #26 – Bodegas Ercavio winemaker, Alexandra Schmedes

Today, I bring you a fun interview with the German winemaker, Alexandra Schmedes of the Spanish Bodega, Ercavio. Located just outside Toledo in the region of Castilla LaMancha, Ercavio wines are starting to show up on the international scene with big points and high accolades. At Vino Élite last week, I personally had the opportunity to talk with Alexandra both try about their incredible wines. See the show links for more info about their specific wines.

Also this week, I briefly explain how I have chosen not take tasting notes at wine fairs anymore. Because I want all the wines we write about to be on equal footing, wine fairs often pose distractions and strong scents, which interfere with a fair analysis of the wines. I will, however, continue to taste wines in search for potential winners, but only wines that are tasted either in my house or under proper conditions will receive ratings or write ups.


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