Podcast #30 – Arte Mayor Cava from Dominio de la Vega | Catavino
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Podcast #30 – Arte Mayor Cava from Dominio de la Vega

Arte Mayor Cava

Let’s be honest, we try to only taste good wines, hoping to share with you the ones we like. This is not to say that we don’t taste bad wines. We do often try bottles that we’d rather not finish, or wine that even may end up down the drain, but generally, these are wines we purchased from the grocery store when all we wanted is something wet! Today, however, we tried a higher end wine that we had anticipated being quite tasty, but ended up failing the test. Listen to the show and see what you think.

Here’s a link to the last group of Spanish cavas we tasted from this producer.

  • N.V. Dominio de la Vega Utiel-Requena Arte mayor – Spain, Valencia, Utiel-Requena (6/11/2007)
    Chardonnay/Macabeo Blend 36mo in bottle 6mo in Oak
    Larger bubbles, and a light gold color. Not what I expected from something with it’s age. Buttery nose with light pineapple, peach, and somewhat bready. Overall a nose that does not draw me in. Big in the mouth due to the large bubbles, there appears to be very little acidity. Peach, carmelly lemon confit, and wood. Really not what I was expecting a bit flat overall in the mouth without the vibrance and sublty that I would hope to find in a wine at this level. 2.5-3/5

*There is the possibility that this was a bad wine – meaning that it was flawed. With the ultra low acidity and lack of vibrancy or subtlety, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wine was not the best sample.