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Podcast #8 – Steve DeLong

Steve DeLong and his wife Deborah have given us a gift in their passion for wine. By creating the Wine Grape Varietal table we have a resource that didn’t exist before and now that it does it helps others to fall in love with wine as they move through it’s complex world. Taken from their sites intro:

The husband and wife team of Deborah and Steve De Long combined their mutual enthusiasm for both wine and design when they started work on the Wine Grape Varietal Table over 4 years ago. Originally visual people by trade – Deborah, a home fashion designer and Steve, an architect – the table helped them to make sense of the vast and often confusing world of wine grape varieties. Over the past four years they have conducted extensive research and tastings in compiling it.

I am pleased to have had the chance to talk with Steve this past Wednesday for a little bit and hear what the motivation was to create this chart. Also I had the chance to talk a bit about the wine century club and his long term goals with this group.


Ryan Opaz

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