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Podcast #9 – BBQ’n with the Notes From Spain Crew

Hanging tenders

Wednesday night was a great time and our first podcast here with Gabriella my lovely wife and our friends over at Notes from Spain. Ben and Marina are a couple who live near us here in Madrid and are the authors of Notes from Spain. This podcast is different in that we talk free form a bit about how to taste wine, the wines we’re trying and the food we’re making.

Ben, Marina, and Gabriella

Then on Cuisine from Spain
we continue with a description of the food and a bit about grilling in Spain. I think this is a great relaxed chat that I hope to do again with Ben and Marina, very soon. Included here are some pictures, and a few links from the show.
Also here is a definition I found online for what exactly a “hanging tender” is!

Linaje Garsea wines

Links from the Podcast:
Notes from Spain

Cuisine from Spain’s Podcast of our night.
Linaje Garsea’s website
The “roadhouse/restaurant” that I mentioned.
Search for tasting notes on Linaje Garsea wines here. Linaje Garsea Tasting notes.