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Podcast – Interview with Cristina Brito of Mouriscas Tours

Mouriscas Tours

Last month, we interviewed Cristina Brito, President of Mouriscas Tours, a customized tour company based in and around Lisbon. The podcast not only covers the history and the creation of Mouriscas Tours, but also gets into a bit more detail as to what they offer, which include, but are not limited to:

Escorted Tours:
A sightseeing tour of Portugal with a professional guide.
Hosted Tours: It’s like having your own personal assistant during your trip. They handle all those annoying details no one really enjoys doing like booking a new flight or deciding which restaurant is better for children, while you sit back and drink a glass of Vinho verde.
Customized Tours: You give them the dates, where you want to go, what kind of place you like to stay in, what you enjoy doing, and they do the rest.

Cristina has taken her tourism wisdom one step further by offering us a list of suggestions to put on our Portugal Map as to where you should go if ever in Lisbon, including: restaurants, cafes, bakeries, outdoor terraces, points of interest and more!

Enjoy both the Podcast and our Portugal Map, and please check out the Mouriscas Tours website for more information!

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