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With the boom in Blogging, you like me might have missed out on a few new technologies associated with it. One of these is Podcasting: a new way to broadcast yourself online for free. Nowadays, with sites like [podcasting.com->http://podcasting.com/] helping out, anyone can get a “radio station” of there own. One station that I ran into the other day is [Talking about Wine->http://www.talkingaboutwine.com]. Henry Barrow, the voice of this podcast, started talking about wine in 1967, while he was also the color tv announcer for the Miami Dolphins. [Now Henry is retired but too excited about wine not to do something about it.->http://www.talkingaboutwine.com/henry/]

While poking around, I found [this podcast->http://www.talkingaboutwine.com/2005/04/10/martinezsierra1/] where the podcaster interviews María Martínez-Sierra, who is a female wine maker in the male dominated world of Spain. She also happens to be the owner of Bodegas Montecillo, located in La Rioja.
Montecillo Wine Label

Funny enough, I happened to find another interview with María over at [Grape Radio!->http://www.graperadio.com/archives/2005/07/25/the-wines-of-sierra-bodegas-montecillo/]. I guess María is on a bit of a publicity tour!

till soon, ryan

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Quick side note, before I was going to post this, I found one more Podcast to check out. It ties in nice with the interview with Roy Hersh…[Grape Radio takes on the 2003 Port Vintage->http://www.graperadio.com/archives/2005/07/04/all-about-port/]