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Portuguese and Spanish wine news from around the web!

Summer is hot and life is hectic here at Catavino HQ. Gabriella and I are in the middle of our preparations for a new life in Barcelona and so things are a bit topsy-turvy as we try to deal with the summer heat and the migration from Madrid to Barcelona. Last night, Gabriella caught a flight to the USA to get her working papers in order with the Spanish consulate and to try to bring a few things back from our stash of household items. We’ve been living in an apartment with flat-mates for the past year and a half and it’s a big relief to envision our own space soon. Most likely, she’ll be in the States for about a month, returning to a new home with a huge terrace and large kitchen. Being big food and wine lovers having our own kitchen rates equally important as breathing to us.

Before we moved we had grown accustomed to wine and food pairing dinners nightly, and since we’ve been here, these have been harder to do. Therefore, we anticipate in the near future that food will become a bigger part of Catavino as we begin to explore combinations of wine and Catalan cuisine in our new residence. Only a half hour train ride from the famous Boqueria food market in Barcelona, life should be exciting as we explore our way through the rich Catalan food culture. The big countdown is 21 days to wrap things up in Madrid, rent a van and head out to the Mediterranean Sea! Needless to say, we are incredibly excited. However, this may leave us with a little less content over the next month. Please know that we will do our best to give you everything we can find, but it may be a little less frequent.

As far as wine news, I have a few notes from around the web to highlight for you, hopefully supplying some good reading. We will also do our best to provide you with the latest happenings on the harvest front. So stay tuned!

Till soon, Ryan Opaz

Dave Buchanan from the Cox News Service writes about how Spanish wines are not all red! Good news with the intense heat that we are all feeling as we step outside now a days. Global warming or rather global exhaustion seems to be the theme this summer in the northern hemisphere. Check out Dave’s recommendations on Spanish white wines here.

Decanter announces that Harvey’s sherry one of the oldest producers and exporters of sherry in the world is releasing Harvey’s Orange. It’s to be a sherry in the same blue bottle that Harvey’s Cream sherry is known for but with a twist of orange flavor added to it. Since it will have additives it cannot be called sherry but Harveys hopes it will do well anyways. The recipe is based on the old method of serving Harveys Bristol Cream, over ice with a slice of orange. Let’s see how it goes! The International Balloon Fiesta will be the first major event at which it will be launched.

Quinta do Alqueve’s Tradicional’s elegant taste lies somewhere between a Bordeaux and a Burgundy, making it perfect for sipping on warm afternoons, so starts an article by Edward Deitch of MSNBC, as he comments on a table wine from Portugal that he thinks will change the perspective on Protuguese table wines throughout the world. Imported by Kacher Selections it should be widely available in the States and if anyone has a chance to try it let us know at Catavino what you think!

Finally a favorite monthly announcement, Roy Hersh’s For the Love of Port newsletter is out and this month includes all you ever needed to know about Madeira, the island, the wines, and tons of tasting notes. Always a great read and full of good information, make sure to check it out. A side note is that if you don’t follow the FTLOP forums, they have been upgraded and have some good discussions going on. For you sherry lovers a request for sherry to be included in the forum, and for those looking to see how the port harvest is going this year, check out Roy’s update on the weather and current conditions.

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