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Portuguese Lurkers!


Gary over at Wine Library TV has a thing against “lurkers“. People who visit a site, read the content, suck the free information out of it and like lightening, leave without a trace to visit other “feeds” or websites and other topics / ideas. Well, just so you know, there is a small trace left behind, and thanks to many different “stat tracking” tools, these traces are recorded for us to see. As a result of this technology, I recently noticed that we have quite a few new Portuguese readers at Catavino.net. Some of you are even regular visitors. Reading through our posts and enjoying our content (or so we hope!) but never saying hi.

This quick little post is to you call of you out and to ask you to leave a comment! Tell us who you are, promote your blog, winery, or website. If you promise not to be spammy, we want to hear about you and what your thinking. Your choices are simple, either post a note at the bottom of this post, leave a tasting note at the bottom of a bodega profile, or head into our forum and let us know who you are. In Spanish or English, sorry no Portuguese yet, anyone want to translate for us?

Blogging for us has been about community, making new friends, and creating new relationships. We hope you find that you like what you read here at Catavino, and we hope that you join in and let us know your thoughts!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Ryan and Gabriella

*Oh and we know a few new friends from a particular Adegga might be listening…Looking forward to a launch in the near future?…want to leave any teasers here?