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Question for our Readers: What Wines Should We Write About?

Cement Fermentation TankWe are in a very unique position here at Catavino. Although we taste a considerable amount of wine, we are tasting it at its source. Put another way, many times, when we purchase a wine at a shop, or visit a winery, the wines are not available to many of our readers. And while we taste a lot of internationally exported wines, they are only a small fraction of what we try. Hence, the question remains, what should we write about? We’ve generally stopped reviewing specific wines, choosing instead to focus on the culture and history that revolve around those wines. This approach has appeared to be popular as our numbers continue to rise, but we feel that as a wine blog, we might need to do more. So what do you want to here?

Do you mind when we post reviews/critiques of wines that you cannot necessarily buy? Or would you rather see us only write about wines that are internationally exported? We would like to do more wines of the week, or wines we tasted recently, if you the readers want this.

Second question: videos! Do you like them? I was recently going back to some of our first “virtual tasting video’s” made in 2007, and to be perfectly honest, they’re a bit rough to say the least; however, they were also fun and entertaining! Do you want more video? And if so, what kind of videos do you want to see? Tastings? Interviews? Discussions? Other?

Please let us know your thoughts, and as always, any other suggestions or ideas are always welcome!


Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

PS: for the fun of it, enjoy our first virtual tasting again!

Virtual Wine Tasting With Catavino #1 from ryan and gabriella opaz on Vimeo.

Gabriella and I taste some rosé on the roof!