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Quick Wrap-up of my Trip to Alicante

Ryan and Raphael

And he’s back! Yeah, it’s been a week, sorry to say, but I’ve been quite busy. After a great birthday weekend, I headed south to Alicante, where I was graciously welcomed into the home of my friend, Emilio. Actually, his personal story is quite interesting being that he is Dutch living here in Spain. Currently working as a Spanish wine exporter to various countries around the world, Emilio is also a wine writes about Spanish wine for many dutch publications, and is responsible for the foundation of one of the first wine tourism schools in the Alicante. He is someone I respect immensely not only as a person, but as someone with many great ideas.

The reason for my visit was pretty straightforward: to meet some of his clients, one of which, ironically, turned out to be someone who’s wine I sold a lot of while living in Minnesota. On the second day of my visit, we met with the winemaker and owner of Bodega Salvador Poveda in Monóvar, Rafael Poveda, turned out to be a genuine character full of stories and a passion for what he does.

Moving on, have you ever heard of Fondillón ? No! Actually, I’m not surprised. I hadn’t either until I arrived in Alicante, and now I have to tell everyone about it. It is a “lost” style of wine made only in Alicante, for which there are only 4 winemakers left producing it for retail sale, all of which can’t even agree on the exact definition of it themselves. To me, Fondillón most resembles an Amontillado sherry with a touch of sweetness without the salt air quality that is typical of a sherry. Don’t worry, you’ll hear more about Fondillón when I post the podcast I did with Emilio and Raphael Poveda while we were tasting some examples the oldest Fondillón ever made, dating back to 1944.

Just a quick recap, I have at the minimum, 2 podcasts to post over the next week. I also recorded some video, but we need to see what I can actually do with it. This next month will be filled with some fun topics to talk about, along with our very first Virtual Tasting that will hopefully be a fun monthly event on Catavino.

So thanks for hanging in there. Make sure to check out the Wine Blog Atlas. Lot’s of new pins, and soon, we’ll start posting more stories of the blogs behind the pins.