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Random Bits of Information Regarding Wine, Wine-ing, Wizardry, Wonderfulness and Awards

Random Bits of Information Regarding Wine, Wine-ing, Wizardry, Wonderfulness and Awards


This is just a just a quick collection of newsworthy facts and figures to send you into the weekend feeling full of fortuitous factoids.

Catavino’s La Rioja Newsletter
After two quasi full months of tasting only La Rioja wine, while conveniently forgetting that one week dedicated to Portuguese wine, we will be finished by the end of this weekend. What this means is that by next Wednesday we will be releasing the first ever Catavino buying guide in conjunction to a rather unique and ingenious newsletter. “Um, excuse me, aren’t those the same thing,” you may be asking. And the answer is, no! Realizing that absolutely no one wants to download 50+ pages of articles and tasting notes devoted to La Rioja. They would, however, appreciate the information in a less clunky manner. Keeping this in mind, we put our heads together and created a new, user-friendly newsletter that can be referenced over and over again, coupled with a great buying guide you can take with you to the store! Hence, if you haven’t signed up yet, please subscribe now so you don’t miss out on this fun new feature!!

We’ve been Roasted at Wine-ing 2.0
For those of you not in on the big secret, there is a new website dedicated to humbling the wine trade. Written in the same style as The Onion, Wine-ing 2.0 uses satirical humor to poke fun at everyone and anyone even remotely related to the wine world. With such articles as New California Wine- 2×4 Set to Launch in the US, Gary Vaynerchuck Takes Down Twitter with Happiness and Weak Dollar, New Six-Tier Distribution to Do In Dr. Debs, it is impossible to not be addicted to this site…well…that is until you’re the center of the joke. This week, Wine-ing published an article titled, Does the Couple behind Catavino even know Where Spain is?. After reading this post, you may lose any and all confidence that we know where we are in the world, but rest assured that as a result of this rather slanderous article, we have bought a compass and have been carrying it with us daily!

American Wine Blog Awards
Last Monday, Tom Wark announced the winners of The American Wine Blog Awards! Sadly, Catavino was not among them, but there were plenty of qualified winners that deserve a big warm round of applause, the primary of which goes to Vinography for The Best Blog and The Best Blog Writing. We’d like to give Alder Yarrow a big congratulations, alongside the many deserving nominees who have helped to advance wine blogging to ever new heights!

More Praise for Wonderful Portuguese Wines

Essencia do Vinho -

In the March 21st issue of Wine and Spirits Magazine, Susan Keevil reports on Portugal’s slow but inevitable rise to fame in the UK wine market. With incredible and consistent quality coupled with low prices, Portugal has been announced as the next “trend-setting” wine region. What’s lacking, according to the article, is brand awareness. However, as a result of old and out dated labeling, in addition to splotchy availability, Portugal hasn’t made it over the hump yet. Importer, Danny Cameron of R Reynolds was quoted as citing the 2003 report of business strategist Michael Porter saying, “Michael Porter was exactly right. On a large or micro scale they are what’s going to be recognised, and do Portugal the most favours. When the wines are widely available, and achieve a great degree of consistency, that’s what’s going to take things forward.” Ryan and I couldn’t agree more with this analysis, adding that good Internet marketing strategies will also add to their success.

Wizardry with Recycling
As a result of our efforts to save the planet, one bottle at a time, I thought I might share a site I stumbled upon this morning. The Flat Bottle Company was founded in England in 1999 in an effort to recycle wine bottles through artistic means. Using their own patented method of flattening bottles, they’ve gained considerable recognition through their sales of wine bottle cheese boards. Now, designing everything from bottle clocks to dishes, The Flat Bottle Company has now extended itself throughout the US and Singapore. I warn you, however, that their website immediately plays music and is loaded with Flash. So have some patience as you maneuver through it!

You may also want to check out this ingenious idea to recycle wooden wine boxes!

So that’s it! We hope you enjoy the weekend and we’ll be back on Monday, well rested and ready for more wine drinking!



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