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Reminder for WBW #38 – Portuguese Table Wines


Yesterday, someone asked a question that is worth repeating, “By Portuguese Table Wines, do you mean non-DOC wines?” The question is a good one and the answer a simple one, no. By Portuguese Table wines, we only mean wines that are not sticky, bubbly or fortified. We are referring to wines you typically pair with a good meal.

As for our contribution to WBW #38, because we are traveling on Wednesday, we decided to whip up a Portuguese meal to pair with our Dão wines last night. We’ll give you more information on our experience tomorrow, but I will say that the wines definitely put a smile on our faces. The meal was fantastic. The wines were great. And afterwards, as we sat diligently finishing up work in our respected offices, we enjoyed savoring each wine well into the evening.

So please don’t forget to send in your entries tomorrow. And if you’ve waited until now to find a Portuguese wine, ANY wine from Portugal will do. Crack it open, pour yourself a glass and all tell us about it! What was it like? How did it go with dinner (maybe breakfast? We won’t judge 😉 )? Thoughts, ruminations and contemplations are all welcome. Then send us a link, post a comment, send a smoke signal, morse code, whatever it takes for you to share your thoughts in relation to the wine. We can’t wait to hear it.

We would also love to have you contribute photos! If you have a picture of the bottle, or the event, make sure to add it to our Wines of Spain and Portugal Flickr Group. We’ll include a slide show in our wrap up of everyone’s wines, and hopefully, food!

Then, if all the planets align, we’ll post a wrap up by the end of the week. Because we have a biz trip Wed/Thurs, we’ll shoot for Sunday or Monday for the full play by play.

So that’s the scoop! Remember, you don’t need a blog to join the team, just a bottle of wine and a pen and paper. Send us your note and if you don’t have a site, we’ll put the note up on Catavino. We’ll call you a guest writer for a day!


Ryan Opaz