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Ribera del Duero – Vine Progress


Remember about 2 weeks ago when Gabriella and I were in the Ribera staying at a friends house? I posted some pictures of bud break occurring where you could finally see vines coming back to life after a long winter’s rest. Well, I just so happened to be in that neck of the woods again for a couple of days, and those same vines look completely different now.


Not even two weeks later, these same vines are full of leaves and tendrils, not to mention the small buds that soon will bloom, and eventually bear grapes. It’s incredible to see such progress, leaving me astounded as to how quickly this process actually occurs. My sense is that they are most likely Tempranillo vines, considering quantity planted in the region. I was recently told by one enologist that the Tempranillo vine peaks in the middle of summer when some vines have been recorded to grow approximately 10-12 inches per day! Pretty amazing!

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