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Victor de la Serna

Rooftop Virtual Tasting – Mencia from the Spanish Wine Region of Bierzo!

Ok so it’s been awhile since our last Rooftop Tasting, but we’re back. I’m still not a fan of editing, so if any of you out there want to help with that send us a note. We’d love to have some help with it. Otherwise, in this episode we taste a couple of wines from Dominio de Tares for our Virtual Tasting of Bierzo! Hope you enjoy it and the Haikus…Big props for comments in Haiku form!


Ryan Opaz

My notes on the wines we tasted.

  • 2004 Dominio de Tares Bierzo Bembibre – Spain, Castilla y León, Bierzo (6/11/2007)
    Very dark adn inky in color. The nose at first is very tight and concentrated with big notes of black pepper and rich earth. Slowly and after much time this begins to turn to dark berries, chocolate, clove, anise and more. In the mouth this is a big wine with hits of spice and tannin that seems to leave my tongue reeling. With time though this gives way to big fruit flavors and after much decanting the tannins reveal a nice acidity behind them with pure cherry and rapberry fruit. Chocolate, oak, and earthiness remain, and while this is a large mouthfull of wine it really develops with enough air into something more elegant that I would have supposed.
    4 grape
  • 2004 Dominio de Tares Bierzo Cepas Viejas – Spain, Castilla y León, Bierzo (6/11/2007)
    Less inky than it’s big brother Bembibre, this wine is a sexy little number that shows rich spice on the nose and pure cherry fruit. Oak is present but not the main focus in this wine. Time softens this wine just enough to make the sultry fruit flow over your tongue and it beigns then to reveal mineral like spices, with hints of clove, cinnamon and spice sparkling through the finish. Great acidity makes this wine a natural for a wide range of foods. Really a fun wine.
    4 grape