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Rosé’s of Navarra

I went to a tasting a couple of days ago at [Lavinia->] in Madrid and had the chance to try about a dozen wines – some great and some not so hot. Currently, the weather here is down-right balmy, and when the temperature gets this hot, my mind tends to wander towards rosés. Crisp and perfect for the heat, many rosés also carry with them a firm body that acts as a nice compromise for those who want a red. The other great thing about rosés, are that they are very versatile in food pairing. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Below are notes on the 2 still wines I had from this category. Make sure to check them out!

Till soon, Ryan

  • 2003 Bodegas Inurrieta Navarra Mediodía Rosado – Spain, Navarra (7/15/2005)
    Medium rich cherry pink with light orange hint towards the rim. Musty nose with sour cheese quality? Though with some air the fruit begins to show through. Medium weight on the palate, dry and medium to long finish. The palate is of light spice and bitter cherry with actually draws me in more. I found this to be a bit strange but incredibly delicious and I would definitely go back for more.

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  • 2004 Bodegas Piedemonte Navarra Rosado – Spain, Navarra (7/15/2005)
    Watered down pink color. Candied cherry nose with some dried cranberry and red liquorice. Medium weight, dry with light acidity. Same fruit from the nose shows on the palate with a light tartness. Not very focused but nice enough for a hot summer’s day on the terrace.

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