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Salón Internacional del Club de Gourmets

Just wanted to mention that next week, I’ll be busy with this year’s edition of XX Salón Internacional del Club de Gourmets. It is an annual gastronomical event in Madrid for the finest producers of specialty gourmet foods and high end wines to “strut their stuff”. Besides the chance to taste some of the best Spanish wines here are some of the other events being held this year:

  • Gourmetquesos – A tasting and presentation of the best Spanish cheeses
  • Concurso de Cortadores de Jamón – Exhibition of how to cut and to show of the best Spanish ham “cutters”
  • Campeonato de Conciners – Celebrating its tenth anniversary, this Competition of top cooks takes place every two years.
  • Paul Bocuse will be in attendance to announce the next World Championship of cooks taking place in Lyon France in January 2007. He will not only announce the winner, but he will also be the representative from Spain for the 2007 challenge in France.

Sponsored for the past 20 years by Grupo Gourmet, XX Salón Internacional del Club de Gourmets expects to have over 1,200 exhibitors, 57,000 visitors and 30,000 featured gourmet items. By coincidence Grupo Gourmet is also celebrating their 30th anniversary for publishing their monthly Spanish wine, food and travel magazine. It covers the lastest wine, food and travel news from around the globe and is primarily in Spanish. Additionally, they also publish various Spanish language guidebooks focused on wine, gourmet food, travel and more. Unfortunately, it’s all in Spanish and unless you’re bi-lingual, you’re most likely out of luck. On the other hand, if you can speak Spanish, they tend to be well-written and easy to read guidebooks with lots of practical information.

Stay tuned as I talk with wine makers, try some new cheeses, and hopefully, taste some amazing Jamons throughout the coming week!

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz