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Salvador Poveda

Salvador Poveda

Last month, when I was in Alicante, I received a mixed case of wines from Bodega Salvador Poveda. Four bottles were from a series of wines called, Toscar. All monovarietals, they were created to demonstrate the region’s terroir as it relates to each varietals unique characteristics. Over the past two weeks, Gabriella and I have been slowly making our way through each bottle, discussing the pros and cons as we experienced them. Being that they came from 3 different vintages, it was hard to tell if the wine was better/different due to the varietal’s influence from the Alicante terroir or if the vintage was affecting the quality and style. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are both Crianzas, while the Monastrell and Syrah are Jovens. Personally, we both fell in love with the Cabernet. Rich and complex, the 2003 was a very ripe yea, allowing for the Cabernet fruit to fully mature. All of the others had their moments, meaning that the wines went from being fresh and alive shortly after opening and then fading to the opposite extreme. For example, it wasn’t until the very last sip when we both looked at each other in silent understanding that the Monastrell was just showing itself off.

Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to try a horizontal of these wines at some point to see how they stand up to each other on equal vintage footing. These wines are widely available and I do suggest seeking them out.


Ryan Opaz

  • 2005 Salvador Poveda Alicante Toscar, Monastrell – Spain, Valencia, Alicante (4/18/2007)
    Nose of dark fruits and deep earthy pepper. Brambly and rough, with smoke, black pepper and earth. In the mouth the tannins are not forceful and the acidity is medium. Dark black berry, and earth come to mind first, followed by richer meatier richness. Weedy and earthy this wine while based on dark fruit is a jungle of minerals and vegetation. Cassis, black cherry, blackberry and more all seem to find their way out of the smoke as time goes on.
    3 grape
  • 2004 Salvador Poveda Alicante Toscar, Syrah – Spain, Valencia, Alicante (4/14/2007)
    Deep reddish burgundy in color. The nose is very well defined with black raspberry, and peppery chocolate. A rich earthy leather/tobacco/mineral quality keeps fading in and out bringing me back for more. In the mouth the acidity is high with moderately firm tannins. Raspberry and chocolate play out with some nice spice notes as it opens. Nice wine.
    3 grape
  • Toscar Line Up - Salvador Poveda

  • 2003 Salvador Poveda Alicante Toscar, Merlot, Crianza – Spain, Valencia, Alicante (4/13/2007)
    Nice color with a nose that really draws me in. Great plum, liquorice, anise, and light smoke. With time this really opens up and I can’t my nose out of the glass. While in the mouth we have another story, high acid gets in the way of soft tannins, and while at first there is enough fruit to enjoy it seems to fade and becomes a bit too light with time. After an hour while not unpleasant it becomes a nice quaffer and nothing more.
    3 grape

    (love the nose)

  • 2003 Salvador Poveda Alicante Toscar, Cabernet Sauvignon, Crianza – Spain, Valencia, Alicante (4/10/2007)
    Nice rich color. The nose is pure chocolate and with time shows layered fruit(cassis, black cherry), followed by black pepper and earth. Really a great nose. Lush in the mouth, soft with a firm tannin that is un-obtrusive, and a medium acidity. Rich cherry, chocolate, earth, pepper, and light tobacco notes in the mouth. Elegant and very enjoyable. Really a wine I would buy again and again.
    3.5 grape

Disclaimer – These wines were provided by Salvador Poveda as Samples.