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Sarah Ahmed’s Great 50 Portuguese Wines

She’s done it!! Renowned wine writer specializing in Portuguese wine, Sarah Ahmed has published, what she considers, the top 50 Portuguese wines for 2009. Although a bit heavy on the Douro and Alentejo regions, understandably, we feel she’s covered the country rather well.

However, keep in mind that awards like these are inherently flawed, as these wines have now obtained a name and fame before individual discovery. That said, looking down the list, there are some great unknowns and a few surprises, all which help to show Portugal’s diversity.

We’ve tried to link to each wine whenever possible with more information. Interestingly, many participants at the 2009 European Wine Blogger’s Conference, held in Lisbon, Portugal, were able to try several of these wines, and we’d be curious to know their thoughts, not to mention your own!

For a full and detailed report, make sure to check out her Portugal Regional Report page.

White wines


Quinta do Chocapalha Arinto 2008

Vinho Verde/Minho

Quinta do Ameal Loureiro 2008

Anselmo Mendes Contacto Alvarinho 2008

Quinta do Louridal Poema Alvarinho 2007

Soalheiro Primeiras Vinhas Alvarinho 2008


Vale d’Algares Seleccion White 2008


Quinta das Bágeiras Vinho Branco Garrafeira 2007

Beira Interior

Quinta do Cardo Siria 2008

Quinta dos Currais Colheita Seleccionado


Quinta de Saes Reserva Branco 2008

Duriense/The Douro

Poeira Pó de Poeira Branco 2008

Niepoort Reserva Redoma Branco 2008


J. Portugal Ramos Vila Santa Branco 2008

Adega da Cartuxa Pera Manca White 2007

Red wines


Quinta das Vinhas de Areia Fundação Oriente Ramisco 2005

The Algarve

Monte da Casteleja Maria Selection 2007


Quinta do Monte d’Oiro Reserva 2006

Beira Interior

Quinta dos Currais Reserva 2003


Filipa Pato Lokal Silex 2008

Luis Pato Vinha Barrosa 2005


Dao Sul Encontro 1 2007

Quinta da Dona Bairrada 2004

The Dao

Quinta Vale das Escadinhas, Quinta da Falorca T-Nac 2007

Quinta de Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada 2007

Quinta da Pellada Reserva 2006

Vinha Paz Reserva 2005

Quinta dos Roques Garrafeira 2003

The Douro/Duriense

Quinta de S Jose Colheita 2007

CARM Quinta do Coa 2007

Quinta do Noval Cedro do Noval 2007

Quinta do Noval Labrador 2007

Niepoort Redoma 2007

Quinta do Passadouro Reserva Tinto 2007

Lemos & Van Zeller Curriculum Vitae “C.V” 2007

Quinta do Crasto Vinha de Ponte 2007

Quinta Macedos Pinga do Torto 2005

Alves de Sousa Abandonada Tinto 2005

Quinta do Crasto Reserva Vinhas Velhas 2004

Quinta do Vale Dona Maria 2004


Herdade dos Grous 23 Barricas 2008

Terrenus Tinto 2007

Herdade de São Miguel dos Descobridores Reserva 2007

Herdade do Esporão Private Selection Garrafeira Red 2007

Herdade do Rocim Grande Rocim 2007

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova Malhadinha Tinto 2007 (VR)

Herdade de Mouchão Tonel 3-4 2005

Quinta do Zambujeiro 2004

Quinta do Mouro 2004

Sweet Wines

Quinta do Portal Late Harvest 2007

Quinta da Bacalhoa Sivipa Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal 1999

To compare Jamie Goode’s 2008 Top 50 Portuguese Wines to Sarah’s 2009 list, go here. also has the complete list on its site, allowing you to add comments to each wine as you see fit.

Please share your thoughts with us. Do you feel this list covers what you would elect as the top 50? Are there any you would switch out for another, or get rid of entirely?


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

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  • sarah

    Hey Gabriella, thanks for the feedback but just to be clear this ain't billed as the 50 Top wines but Sarah Ahmed's 50 Great wines – a very different thing! Nick Oakley of the Portuguese Wine Association who set up this annual event puts it well in a comment on my blog. But the fab thing is it's a talking point and be good to know everyone's 50 Great – the vinous equivalent of your ipod playlist, so looking forward to what wines others rate – there's plenty of choice!

    • Gabriella Opaz

      Point taken! And great to hear that it motivates and encourages personal choice!

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  • john

    she is not a renowned Portuguese wine writer

    • Justin Roberts

      A writer renowned for writing about Portuguese wine perhaps?

    • Gabriella Opaz

      John, your point is absolutely correct, and I will fix that error immediately. Cheers!

  • Jack

    So, Barca Velha doesn't crack the Top 50? Really?

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  • Rich Mora

    We're doing a fee tasting of Portuguese table wines from Quinat de Ventozelo
    Tinto Roriz Tinto Franca and Touriga Nacional as well as the 2003 vintage port. Free for thee

    • Rich Mora

      Rich forgot to tell you it's Mora's Fine Wines E Setauket NY info at