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Doug Frost MS/MW

Shameless Self-Promotion

Hey it’s my blog and I guess self-promotion is the name of the game. For those of you who hope to visit Madrid and who love food and wine, I have the thing for you. Starting this month, my roommate and I have launched walking tours of Madrid focusing on small groups, fine wine and incredible food. Basically, if your in Madrid, and you want to taste some of the hidden culinary treasures, give us a ring. As you know Spain is known for it’s “tapas” which amount to small tastes of rich foods. In Spain these are often eaten while standing at a bar while talking to friends. The trick is this, you need to know where the locals go to find the best ones. Since I’ve arrived in Madrid, I have cataloged some of the more interesting places and I’d love to share them with you. All tours are customizable, and allow for you to taste and experience Madrid with a knowledgeable guide of both the city and the cuisine. From wine tastings to roaming for tapas, we have the thing for you. Check out the site: and let us know what you think. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!