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Sherry Questions – Answers – Ideas

Glass of sherry and a sunset

Dear Reader,

What do you want to know? We’ve been big fans of sherry for quite some time now and have accumulated quite an archive of sherry articles covering everything from production to tasting notes. What we don’t have are your personal questions.

Being that this month’s Virtual Tasting theme is Sherry, all the time, 24×7, is one of many wonderful excuses to consume more than the recommended serving size of sherry is reason for us to celebrate. But we need to know what questions you would like answered so that we can aid you in your sherry exploration. We know a lot of sherry experts and can find out details that the average Joe may not. So I put forth this simple question, What is on your mind? How can we help?

Please leave your questions in the comments of this post or in our Iberian wine forum. While your waiting for a response, follow Richard’s lead and open a bottle of sherry and discover what’s inside!


Ryan Opaz