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Social Media and Wine in Iberia, A Growing Phenomenon

Social Media and Wine in Iberia, A Growing Phenomenon

#TTL Wines - BarcelonaWe’ve been begging for it, pleading for it in fact. Social media and wine are like a marriage made in heaven, and today, Iberia is finally starting to realize the value. All at once, there is a flood of social media like events/ideas/and projects coming out of Spain and Portugal, and it feels good! I hope that Catavino, in our own small way helped in their revelation, but it was inevitable regardless of our influence. Why? Because the Spanish and Portuguese love to talk, and social media is all about the conversation. Therefore, if there was a location in the world to take social media and run full throttle with it, it’s Iberia.

So what’s happening? Well let’s shoot you some links, ask you a few questions, and see if we can get a little conversation going here about current social media events in Spain and Portugal:

For now, this is a nice start. I know of a few more exciting things that are in the works, and we’re always looking for more, so please pass on your disoveries. Not many new blogs to mention, but we have added a few. Here’s the latest since my last update: Quinta do Judeu, Castell Roig, Val de Sil, Montau de Sadurni, Churchill Estates, Capafons-Ossó. If you know of any others, make sure to check out the list at the bottom of the page, and send us an email if they are not there.

Otherwise, if you have a 2.0/social media a wine project that is involving Iberian Wines, please let us know about it. And if it is based on a specific day, and time, we’ll add it to our Iberian Wine Calendar.

I leave you with this question. Do you think that countries bound by wine making traditions and long histories can fully take advantage of Social Media? Or is this new realm of marketing only for the young up and comers who still have yet to develop their brand/identity?


Ryan Opaz

I’ll leave you with a video from Dirk on the state of the 2007 vintage:

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