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Sorry Spain…..GO PORTUGAL

It’s nice having a site about the Iberian peninsula and its wines, because now I have two teams to root for: Spain and Portugal. This year, it’s Portugal’s turn to shine, while Spain dreams of World Cups yet to come. Last week, Spain was eliminated by France. I witnessed this from a small crowded bar with bad beer to help ease the pain. France looked great and Spain looked lost, it wasn’t as big of a surprise as many made it out to be.

Portugal, on the other hand, rose to the challenge against England and won. They’ve been playing great, and while I hate to see anyone win on penalty kicks, I didn’t fully understand the drama of it until I watched the kicks on Youtube. The goalie was brilliant, blocking all but one of the four kicks England took. Incredible! Although I wish I had been in Lisbon or Porto to witness the hysteria that must have ensued following the game.

Last night, we were invited to a BBQ where we sipped wine, ate steaks and watched France out-play Brazil from our host’s kitchen. In the end, I have to say that I don’t think Portugal has a chance against Zidane and France – he just wants it too badly, and in all honesty, he somewhat deserves it too.

So I sipped some tawny port to toast Portugal having won and I sipped some Spanish wine as France, the team that took out Spain last week, managed one heck of an upset over Brazil. I love the World Cup for the competition. I love Brazil after having lived there. I love Portugal for its beauty. I live in Spain and obviously adore it here as well. I have family in London and close British friends. I even love France for their CDP and Foie Gras! It’s been fun to see these teams compete, while enjoying the fact that I live in a country that appreciates the game of Football!

In the end, I would love to see Portugal or France win, but more importantly, I want to see a great game! Let’s battle it out to the end, I’ll watch on Wednesday with both a glass of Portuguese and French wine for equality, and we’ll see which one comes out on top!

As for Predictions: I see a France versus Germany final. Although I might be wrong, but if not, count on my getting some great Alsatian wines to enjoy with the game! And if Portugal does manage to beat France, it will most likely be a madhouse in Portugal, “forcing” me to purchase a bottle of vintage port to toast the team with!

Let us know who your pulling for…and tell us what you drinking as you do.

Till soon,
Ryan Opaz

  • Bill

    Wake me up when it's over. . . Give me American Football ANY day of the week, especially today. Happy Independence Day, you expats, from Tami and me!

  • Bill

    Wake me up when it’s over. . .

    Give me American Football ANY day of the week, especially today. Happy Independence Day, you expats, from Tami and me!