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Bento Amaral

Spanish and Portuguese Wine in the News – Week 3

A great article describing both the [wine and food in La Rioja->], courtesy of the New York Times. Meanwhile, new regions outside of Rioja, [are equally getting recognized for their wines,->] and I assume that this trend will only continue well into the future as the Iberian peninsula grows in fame.

Personally, after reading the article, it makes me want to seek out a [Gran Campo Viejo cava->] for a nice late summer’s evening. As mentioned in the article: [Saddam liked his Mateus->] rose while living high in Baghdad. Maybe he did have weapons of ‘wine image’ destruction after all!

Somehow, I am still amazed as to how people are still waking up to Spanish and Portuguese wines. Just take Toledo for example, which has finally [been recognized for their exceptional wines beyond sherry and port->].

So there is the week’s news. Stay tuned! Featured articles include: What’s a DO? What is this grape Temp-rah-knee-yo? Plus more interviews!

Till soon, Ryan