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Victor de la Serna

Spanish Wine for a Spanish Thanksgiving!!

Far be it for me to talk about Thanksgiving dinner while we are enjoying 60 degree weather bearing our naked white arms to our Catalan neighbors. However, even while we sit enjoying the delayed change of the seasonal guard from bright florescent green to matted earthy browns, reds and muted yellows, we are still imaging our kinsmen to the west who have already purchased their turkey, taken out their Thanksgiving cornucopias and whom have preprogrammed their TIVO to record any and all sports oriented events. Yet despite the fabulous weather and beautiful colors here in Spain, I still crave those familiar comforts.

Familiar traditions are hard to pass up even when you live over the big sea, which is exactly why Ryan and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Terrassa, Spain. Sure, we have to sacrifice things like cranberry sauce because one cannot find cranberries here, but we still can order a Turkey from our local meat merchant, find sweet potatoes and fixings at our local fruit stand, and of course Spanish wine from our local wine store. Basically, except for gooseberry or cranberry sauce, we have just about everything else one might need to make a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner to be shared with close friends.

However, you might be curious as to what Spanish wines we will be looking for to pair with our meal? If you consider that Thanksgiving is traditionally a heart stopping event filled with rich food such as roasted turkey, apple and walnut stuffing, garlic butter mashed potatoes, freshly baked bread with butter, and of course, pumpkin pie with a gallon of vanilla ice cream, one might want to consider what type of wine can truly hold up against this type of fair. I personally tend to enjoy wines that will cut through the richness without over powering the meal. I find that Spanish wines with good body and acidity such as a Cava, Albarino, Tempranillo or Garnacha Blanca taste wonderfully both alone and with the meal.


In all honesty, I could, and do, drink Cava for any and all occasions. Regardless as to whether it’s Thanksgiving, or Tuesday, I can always find an excuse why this Spanish sparkling wine is perfect for any occasion. Not only is it fun, bubbly and pretty to look at in festive flute glasses, but it’s affordable and tastes wonderful when beginning a festive occasion such as Thanksgiving!

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This is a delicious white grape native to Galicia in the Northwest corner of Spain. I find it to be an elegant, fruity, aromatic wine with high alcohol and acidity making it a lovely addition to the meal.

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It would be difficult to talk about Spanish wine without talking about Tempranillo. Tempranillo is the legendary giant of Spanish red wines that is bold, spicy and full bodied. This grape will not only pair well with both light salads and thick gravy sauces, but is also easy to find outside of the US.

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Garnacha Blanca

This is a wine that will not only be hard to find for people outside of Spain, but might be a challenge for those ex-pats here too! Rich, thick and perfumey, this is a wine that Ryan loves with all matter of food. It’s big body and complex flavors marry well with the stuffing,and juicy turkey!

Search here for tasting notes of wines made from Garnacha Blanca: Garnacha Blanca

We hope that you all enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and please feel free to drop us a note if you need some recommendations for Spanish or Portuguese wine in your neck of the woods. Considering we will actually be celebrating our meal this coming Saturday as a result of Ryan being in Madrid attending Iberwine, we will do our best to post some photos of our meal next week.