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Their success; their ability to effectively communicate about spanish and portuguese wine; their energy to grow and create dynamic, authentic and extraordinary services have attracted hundreds of thousands of iberian wine lovers from around the world.
Joan Gómez Pallarès

Spanish Wine News

Starting today, I am adding a new feature to Catavino that I hope people will find helpful when looking to learn more about Spanish and Portuguese wines. Each week, I will take the latest headlines from around the world and do a short compellation of the more interesting ones. I will also add to the scope of this “news roundup” interesting blog articles and other points of interest dealing with Iberian wines and cuisine. Let me know what you think, and make sure to [email me->mailto:[email protected]] any fun links you come across.

Even though Spain is in the middle of one of the worst droughts in recent history, Manuel Sanchez, wine expert for farmers union COAG, says, [“The quality is going to be fantastic because you don’t get pests…the grapes are of exceptional quality”->]. Over at the Summit Daily, Susanne Johnston has some good advice about [wines from Spain->]. What to serve with that new Spanish wine you just picked up? [Penelope Casas’ latest book->,0,3593122.story?coll=sfla-features-food] might give you some good ideas. You can [click here-> ] to buy it! Some encouraging news as world winemakers come together to form a new alliance devoted to keeping [vintners honest about the origin of grapes.->] Good news from Jerez as winemakers are being encouraged to include the bottling date on the back label of the lighter-style Sherries, so the consumer could be confident they were getting the youngest, best wine.