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Spittoon – Rioja In Retail Tasting

Just a quick find I wanted to make sure you all have a chance to check out. Andy over at [spittoon.biz->http://www.spittoon.biz] was able to make it to the recent Rioja in Retail wine tasting held in London. I point this out because he has posted some great tasting notes that are worth checking out in his article: [Rioja In Retail Tasting->http://www.spittoon.biz/archives/rioja_in_retail_tasting.html]
Check out notes on these wines:

Urbina Crianza Rioja, 2000, Rioja, Spain
Ostatu Reserva, 2000, Rioja, Spain
Fernandez de Pierola Crianza, 2001, Rioja, Spain
[Dinastia Vivanco Crianza, 2001, Rioja, Spain->http://www.catavino.net/archives/14/2005/06/07/]
Valenciso Reserva, 2000, Rioja, Spain

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