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Springtime at Catavino

As the temperature soars in the 70’s here in Catalunya, we thought it was time to do some “spring cleaning”. Sure it’s March, but as with all international weather abnormalities as of recent, it is of no surprise that we thought a new look accompanied by a faster server was appropriate with these balmy temperatures! The only quirk being that although we are quite pleased with are cleaner design, the change in server may lead to some quirks, bugs and disconnection over the next few days. We assume all major issues should be ironed out by Monday, but some little problems may need to be fixed over the next week. If you find anything that isn’t up to par, we ask that you please inform us as soon as possible. Additionally, being that this new theme occurred rather quickly, there are still some components that haven’t been added as of yet. We ask for your patience during both the integration of these components and suggestions/feedback of things you would like to see.

Thanks so much!

Gabriella and Ryan