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Summer Break – So what did we drink when not in Iberia?

Summer Break – So what did we drink when not in Iberia?

Painted BarrelsSummer is here, and Spain for all intensive purposes, is closed. Walk down any of the myriad of residential streets of Barcelona, or Madrid, and you might think that the swine flu had a more successful run. Your voice echoes off the heavy metal gates, with weathered handwritten signs saying, “closed until the 28th”, that is, unless you live in a seaside hamlet.

If this is the case, you will most likely be under the deluge of camera happy foreigners, all imbued with aromas of suntan lotion. August is the time of year when phone calls go to voicemail, emails have a 1 month delay and your mailbox is empty no matter what may be sitting down at the main office in your local town. During our first three years, we fought against this, trying desperately to maintain a work routine. Nowadays, my daily siesta quota rises from 1 to 2, and the drinks get poured a few hours earlier, thus leading to a hot grill even sooner than expected. Life is grand.

This month, we’ll be taking a short break up the coast with some family. Gabriella has a small contingent in from Chicago, and the prescription is poolside finos, siestas on the beachside, and maybe, a winery visit or two – stealth, so that we can enjoy the samples.

But we don’t want to leave you hanging, with nothing to chew on while we’re gone. No instead, we’d like to offer up some of wine highlights from last months trip to the USA. Various treats that made us smile, or provided some enjoyment and mental stimulation. Let’s do a top ten of sorts. 10 wines we fell in love with, without ranking, and often without a note.

So there you have it, 9 great wine experiences! Wait, I was shooting for 10…Hmm, well tough, we’re on vacation. Why don’t you tell us. What has been your best wine experience this summer? Let us know. We won’t be posting much this week, and here’s your chance to be a contributor to Catavino. Either leave a story in our comments, or send us an email, and we’ll post our favorite stories of yours. Anything wine, and as you would expect bonus points to anyone who includes an Iberian wine tale. We hope to hear from all of you, and remember they don’t have to be long complicated or profound, just honest.

Cheers from a lounge chair, with a cooler of ice cold sherry near by!

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

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